Chinking & Caulking

log home caulking

Chinking is the material used to fill the joints between logs on a log structure. Caulking is the process of sealing end joints, windows, doors, select cracks and minimal checks. The life of a log structure depends on this step being done right the first time. Many contractors think you can just apply this material, and it will work. No matter if it’s the authentic lime based daubing or a new product like a synthetic chinking by the bucket, there is a right way and a wrong way to install it. We have chinked many structures across the country, at all different times of the year and in every condition. Burk Restoration Services knows how to properly install these products and give you the best end result.

We have several chink pumps, chink guns and high volume caulk guns that are used to install and apply the modern synthetic chinking. We can estimate a simple chink repair job or complete chink replacement. Most of the time, our crew can do simple repairs in a couple of days, or large chinking and caulking jobs in a week. Also an option that we recommend if you need a lot of touch up on your chinking but are not doing a complete chink replacement is chink-paint. All of the chink lines are painted to give it a new, consistent color and texture. This product is compatible with your chinking and will allow you to do other future repairs..