What is the process to restore my cabin?

First you must decide the scope of work. Look at the extent of your damage and your budget. Then you need to decide on a reputable log maintenance contractor, like Burk Construction, to perform this work. Last the process includes: cleaning the structure, fixing the damage, re-staining, re-chinking, caulking, sealing, and touch-up.

When is a log to far gone to save?

Logs need attention when they can no longer do their job. Their job is to hold up the house and keep the weather out. When a log can’t do that anymore, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Because of aesthetic reasons, you might choose to replace a compromised log sooner.

It’s usually pretty easy to detect a rotted log. Most have discolored and soft areas. Some logs that are badly compromised may have missing tissue and large voids in them. Voids can be found by tapping them with a hard tool like a small hammer while listening for a thud or a hollow sound in the log.

Once you determine what logs need attention, different logs may need different repairs. A “Dutchman” is a repair that involves removing a small portion of the log and replacing it in place with a new “patch.” Full log replacement is more involved but is sometimes necessary. In this case, the entire log is removed, and then replaced with a new log.

What areas does Burk Construction provide maintenance service to?

We provide maintenance service primarily in Kentucky and Tennessee; however, we do consider other states on a case by case basis. Don’t hesitate to send us some pictures of your project, and we will call you to speak about your maintenance needs..

How often should I seal or stain my house?

Most stains are designed to last three to five years, and sealers about two to three years. However, the more exposed areas of your home or log structure may need attention annually..

Are all stains created the same or are some better than others?

You get what you pay for! Most box store stains are not suitable for log or timber homes. We use several major brand name stains that were designed for log homes and are more costly than a stain that could be purchased at Lowes. These stains hold up well to the weather. It is important to look at these products as an investment to the life of your structure. With proper application, these products protect your investment for many years to come..

What can I do to protect my home from bugs?

First, we always recommend that you maintain a contract with a reputable pest control company and have them do annual inspections. With most pest control companies after the initial inspection and treatment, then you can set your home upon an annual inspection and spray maintenance plan. Some bugs can be deterred by applying a natural bug repellent to the exterior of the house that goes on with the stain or sealer. .

To chink or not chink?

If you have chinking that needs repairs but isn’t causing you any structural damage, then we may be able to patch your chinking. However, you need to know that the uv rays that your chinking absorbs daily effects it’s color. With synthetic chinking, the new patch might not match the existing chinking exactly. One option is to use a product called chink paint. Chink paint ties all the other lines in and makes the joints look new again.

If your chinking is pulled away or separated from the log in any way, this is a place where attention should be given. Those cracks allow water to enter and get trapped. This promotes rot which will quickly ruin your logs. This is an area where you need to consider re-chinking the entire structure. .