Media Blasting

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Media blasting has revolutionized the log preservation and maintenance industry. Proper use of this great system allows for complete surface re-facing and clean wood to stain or seal.

Media blasting is a process done with a sand blasting machine and consists of a finely ground or pulverized glass, corn cob, or walnut shells which are blown across the surface of the logs with high pressure to remove stains, paints, and other finishes.

Typically, we use recycled glass because it performs the best overall and is the least expensive. Also, residual glass stuck in between logs or in checks will not mold like corncob or walnut media.

As with any other system, it can be very messy and is dusty, but it is the fastest and surest way of completely striping a log building. Unlike power washing, media blasting does not introduce any moisture to the wood.

Of course, media blasting is not perfect. Touch-up is still required in some places, and not all the media can be cleaned up off the ground. None of the media we use is toxic, so residue left will not harm children, animals, or the water supply..