Wood Bee Treatment

log home wood bee abatement

Wood bees as most folks know can reek havoc in short order on a house or outbuilding. Besides the sheer aggravation of little sawdust piles left on the porch stoop, they are destroying your investment one borough at a time. We have seen and heard hundreds of remedies. The best one yet is, “burn the house down!” While it might be effective, there has to be a better way!

We have been using a great product for several years now called NBS-30. We have found that repelling bugs to start with is better than trying to rid your home of an infestation later. NBS-30 does just that. Made up of natural oils and harmless things bugs don’t like, it forms a barrier on the surface that bugs won’t pass through. We have had bees flying around the house, sprayed this on the wood and watched them desert their efforts. It’s not a miracle but a simple deterrent. We can apply this solution into stain for easy application.

If you have an infestation now and are trying to kill them, we can spray each hole with copper napthate and caulk the holes. Bees are not just inside the hole you see, they can be up to 6 feet down the log or board. Bees lay eggs in a series of holes just off the main corridor they drill. So simply plugging the surface won’t kill the growing bees inside. When the babies come out, they are fully grown and can drill out anyway they want. So you have to kill them in their bed, thus we use copper napthate or some other bee killing chemical.